How to make a Bluetooth Controlled Car (BlueDuino).

This above video is look of what thing we want to make. Have a look to video first.


I give a name to this project “BlueDuino“.

Requirements for made this BlueDuino :-

1. Arduino Nano or Arduino Uno R3

2. HC-05 or HC-06

3. Motor driver L298

4. Battery 12v

5. Wheel 4x

6. Motor 4x

7. Chassis body

Other tools :-

  1. Soldring iron
  2. Ribbon Wire
  3. Male – Female header
  4. Zero PCB

Most of thigs is that the smartphone app Free joystick app

Lets make it :-

Watch video for making “BlueDuino”.

Arduino uno code is here download it and open code into arduino IDE on your PC. And compiled it then plug your arduino to PC. Select Port of arduino device and also select type of board in my case it is arduino uno.

Arduino Code Download here

If any queries please tell me i will solved them as soon as possible.

Thank you

Enjoy  🙂 .


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